Boys Ballet & Dance Tights

Boys Ballet Tights Leggings

We have a good selection of quality boys tights that are ideally suited for Ballet and other dance genres.  Tights vary with manufacturer and often it may take sometime for the male dancer to find the most suitable type for their needs.  Tights are a snug fitting item of clothing that 'tightly' cover the legs from toe to waist.  Boys who take sports such as dance and gymnastics generally wear tights as not only do they allow free movement but also helps the dance teacher or instructor to see the lines of the body - something which is very important in dance styles such as Ballet.  For dance purposes, boys tights are normally opaque and in most class environments tend to be black, navy or grey.  These colors are most common with the dance associations and examination boards across the world.  For theatre and show performances however, male tights may be an array of colors, chosen to suit the production.  The boys tights that we stock will vary in their material, size and appearance.  Some will have a sheen look to the material where others will be of a matt appearance.  In most cases this is a matter of choice and personal preference. Boys will normally wear a dance belt (support) and leotard beneath tights and socks worn over the top.  The three main styles of Boys Dance tights are:


Footed tights - This is where the whole foot and toes are covered by the leggings. 

Stirrup Tights - Popular boys tights that have no covering on the rear part of the foot or the toes but do have a 'stirrup' that holds the tights down around the foot.

Footless Tights - These dance tights have no covering whatsoever of the foot and stop at the ankle.