Boys Dance and Ballet Socks

Socks for the male dancers vary in colour and materials and many dance associations have specific uniform requirements even defining the type and style of socks that should be worn for examination.  Boys most frequently will be required to wear white socks, particularly in disciplines such as Ballet where the tights are normally a darker colour, thus allowing a contrast of colours separating the feet from the dancers legs.  Uniform is often chosen in this way to help the teacher, instructor or examiner to see the full lines of the body.  For different associations and schools the required uniform colours may vary so be sure to check!  Dance socks in general allow the foot to breath to avoid over sweating and are normally thin in design to allow them to be worn with a ballet or other soft design of shoe. For the lower grades of Ballet, short ankle socks are often used but as boys gets older and are performing on stage socks up to knee level are often seen as part of their costume or outfit.  We also stock for older boys a style of leg warmers which are similar to a sock but cover from the ankle to the knee. They are also a lot thicker than socks with the intention of keeping muscles warm and reducing the possibility of cramp.