Boys Dance Leotards & T-Shirts

Leotard for a boy


We have a wide range of Dance and Ballet Leotards available to order for boys of most ages. Leotards available to order include long sleeved, short sleeved and sleeveless designs and are available in various materials to suit the dancers preference and needs. The Leotards that we stock all vary slightly in design and material and some are specifically designed and labelled for those taking an appropriate dance association syllabus and exams. For example the Freed leotards are examination approved for the Royal Academy of Dance and are labelled on the sleeve with their association logo.  We also offer Leotards in various colors, so please be sure to check what you are ordering on checkout.  Leotards are intended to be skin-tight to allow the lines of the body to be observed by the teacher who can then instruct correction. They allow free movement and are elasticated to ensure a secure fit when moving.  Materials often used for a leotard include Spandex, Lycra, Cotton or nylon.  

White Leotards are the most common for taking examinations in dance genres such as Ballet and they are normally worn under tights or shorts when male dancers are concerned. For those that may be interested..... The word Leotard comes from the acrobatic performer Jules Leotard dating back to to 1840 era!