Boys Dance Shoes

We have various styles, colours, sizes and types of dance shoes suitable for boys of all ages.  

Boys Ballet shoes primarily come in black or white and are available in leather, canvas or satin materials. Ballet shoes or Ballet slippers are flexible and made out of thin materials to ensure a lightweight design which is suitable for dance.Boys ballet shoes should be a snug fit to the foot but should still allow good foot flexibility.The sole of these slippers are normally made from leather and either cover the full base of the shoe (Full sole) or just the heel and front foot (Split Sole).Full sole Ballet shoes is most common for younger children and beginners but it is down to personal preference when you get older.The foot covering of the shoe tends to be leather or canvas as these materials wear pretty well but Satin Ballet shoes are also seen in performances as they have an improved appearance.Satin slipper however, do not wear very well so these are better for short term use.Shoes are held in place with a single or double elastic strap that hold the shoe at the arch.Dependant upon the brand, some manufacturers leave the sewing of these straps to the dancer so they may achieve the best and most comfortable fit.We stock a range of Ballet shoes for boys in various styles and type.

Boys Tap Dance Shoes are also available and feature metal plates on the base around the toe and heel areas.  These plates which are known as 'taps' result in a loud and distinct sounds when they strike against a hard floor surface.  Many tap shoe styles are available for boys and the key feature of this type of shoe is the presence of the metal plate 'taps'.

Boys Jazz shoes like some Ballet shoes have a two section sole (split-sole) but the sole tends to be made out of a rubberised material which not only provides good grip but also excellent foot flexibility.  Jazz dance shoes also include a small heel and are held to the foot by laces or elastics.

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