Boys Dance Unitards & Catsuits

A Dance Unitard, is a variation of a leotard but often covers the legs and arms.  Boys Unitards are a one-piece dance item which eradicates the need to wear tights, leggings or shorts. Unitards are very common for male dancers but are also used by athletes and gymnasts.  They allow free unrestricted movement and are generally very comfortable to wear, some also featuring shorts legs and no sleeves.  A wide array of unitard colours and materials can be found and it generally comes down to personal choice as to which brand or style is preferred. Materials often used have an element of stretch such as spandex as they allow the garment to move with the body without any risk of damage to the garment. They are used for several dance styles and disciplines and are most commonly seen as practice dancewear or for performance use.  The back of a unitard can vary, with some featuring a 'racer' style back which reveals more of the dancers shoulders, these are also known as a biketards and as the name suggests are popular with keen cyclists.