Boys Dancebelts

Dance Belt for boysBoys Dancebelts is for some reason often a subject of embarrassment, but for the more mature male dancer the dance belt is an absolute must. A dance belt is an item of underwear that is worn by a male dancer to provide him with support. Without a dance belt male dancers are at risk of having an injury or experiencing pain when carrying out powerful dance moves and choreography.  A dance belt should be tight fitting and is normally worn beneath shorts, unitards or tights and will provide the free movement and support required for dance.  They can be a little difficult to get used to as they feature a wide waist band and a thong type fitting to reduce the visibility of its presence beneath a dancers tights. Dance belts are most frequently a skin color to further hide the visibility of the item should a dancer be wearing performance tights which are perhaps not fully opaque. Materials common for a dance belt are spandex, often in several layers which may also feature an element of optional padding.  Younger students do not normally have a need to wear a dance belt but as they get slightly older, many young men choose to wear a support to ensure they become comfortable and familiar with this item of dancewear.